Purdey’s responds to the Sugar Tax Levy
By Rebecca - 1 year ago

Purdey’s responds to the Sugar Tax Levy

Published on: April 6, 2018

The Sugar Tax Levy has now been officially introduced into the UK’s soft drinks industry in a move that will impact brands worldwide. But fear not, many manufacturers have been preparing for the levy for a number of years and have taken steps to ensure that their products are exempt from the levy.

Many brands have reduced the amount of sugar in their products so that they fall under the threshold of the levy, whilst others have invested in adding further ‘diet’ or ‘sugar free’ options to their product range. There are some brands, however, that are exempt from the Levy, notably the multivitamin fruit drink Purdey’s.

With the help of world renowned actor Idris Elba, Purdey’s have released the following promotional video to highlight the fact that consumers can still get that delicious energy boost from their products, take a look below.


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