Favourite confectionery products worldwide
By Rebecca - 1 year ago

Favourite confectionery products worldwide

Published on: April 19, 2018

Across the world the confectionery industry is thriving, and it’s not hard to see why with so many delicious varieties available in every corner of the globe. Through our worldwide Export service, we supply international businesses no matter where they are with a variety of leading confectionery brands.

Each of us has a favourite chocolate bar or sweet, but we were curious to find out the most popular confectionery product by country. Take a look below as we explore:



Found in over 40 countries worldwide, it may come as no surprise that the UK’s favourite chocolate has been revealed as Cadbury Dairy Milk. In 2016, Cadbury reported more than $3 billion in global revenues; that is a lot of chocolate being enjoyed globally. Dairy Milk is also the favourite chocolate treat in India and Australia.


Research has shown that the USA is one of the largest consumer of chocolate, making the race for the most popular chocolate a tough one. According to reports, the winner of the best-selling confectionery product in the US goes to M&M’s in all of their multi-coloured glory.


Kit-Kat chocolate bars are an extremely popular choice in Japan and with over 80 flavours available, it is not at all surprising. Some of the unusual flavours available include wasabi, grilled potato, cherry blossom, soy bean and green tea. Kit-Kat is also a favourite amongst the Canadian population.


In a break from the usual chocolate-based treat, Denmark’s favourite confectionery treat is Haribo. With over 100 million bears produced every day, Haribo have been delighting those with a sweet tooth since 1920, and their product range is growing all the time, with Starmix, Chamallows and so much more now tantalizing taste buds.

Saudi Arabia

Galaxy chocolate is Saudi Arabia’s most popular confectionery brand. Known in most other countries as ‘Dove’, Galaxy is manufactured by Mars and is sold in countries across the globe. This is also China’s favourite chocolatey treat.

We have only just scraped the surface on favourite confectionery products worldwide, what tasty products have you sampled in other countries? Let us know on Twitter.